Who we support

Students with Anxiety Disorder/School Refusers

We support students who may have a range of anxiety issues which may lead them to have emotional and socialisation difficulties and/or difficulty in attending lessons/school. Our support helps to build confidence and reintegrate (if necessary), by setting small, achievable targets for success. With appropriate permissions, we work with outside services (e.g. medical, social) to give appropriate support for the vulnerable student.

We are particularly aware of:

  • maintaining communication with parents/carers, agencies and school
  • understanding the relevant condition and the effects of any medication/therapies (e.g. Fluoxetine; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
  • gaps in learning due to school absence
  • the necessity in maintaining a positive and holistic approach

Children in Care

We support children in care who may need some extra support to fill gaps in learning, or who may need support for upcoming assessments.

We are particularly aware of:

  • attachment issues
  • gaps in learning due to school absence
  • socialisation difficulty
  • confidence

Pupil Premium Support

We support children who qualify for pupil premium funding, and track their progress and share it with school.

We are particularly aware of:

  • making sure that value-for-money is of top priority
  • targets are set and progress is monitored
  • students contribute to their own progress so that support is personalised

S.E.N.D. students, including those with A.S.D.

Our experience in working with students with S.E.N.D. allows us to provide experienced professionals to help with students who may have barriers to learning. We have particular experience in working with A.S.D. students in supporting their academic work, and in helping those with heightened anxiety who may be having difficulty in accessing school lessons.

We are particularly aware of:

  • structuring sessions with clear targets and steps for learning
  • ensuring lessons are accessible through differentiation and including support resources (e.g. kinaesthetic resources, visual cues)