Our range of services allow you to choose support according to your needs and budget. Please scroll through the sections below to find out more about what we offer.

Online tuition

Our online lessons are taught by qualified teachers, and allow for students to learn and interact in a familiar, student-friendly environment, Students can interact via microphone and/or chat, and contribute to interactive sessions that help to prepare for assessments, or to catch up on missed work. (And, it is our most economical tuition!)

Particularly useful for supporting students temporarily off timetable, or those off-site or reintegrating into school.

Our online tuition allows for more flexible learning opportunities from your own home. While also economical, the online environment provides many students with a more familiar and comfortable environment in which to learn. In addition, it allows quality support without the need to drive anywhere or have someone in your own home. (Particularly suited for those in more remote locations.) 1:1 online sessions available at various times according to timetable. 

1:1 Tuition

Our 1:1 tuition is provided by qualified teachers who will set a programme of support that will help your students to achieve their targets and reach the goal set at the beginning of each tuition programme. 1:1 tuition is an ideal way for students to get targeted support that is geared to accelerate fill in gaps in learning. The 1:1 sessions allow for a more personalised approach to learning, and can help to address any needs specific to the student and their particular circumstances.

Particularly useful for CiC students, or those who have missed school due to medical needs.

Group Tuition

Group tuition is provided byt the same qualified teachers as the 1:1 tuition, but allows a more economical way of providing focus to support to achieve targets and goals. (Sessions are for groups no larger than 5 students.)

Particularly useful for those students preparing for upcoming assessments.

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