Tracking Progress

As educators, you want to see your students progress and achieve.

When paying for a service, we realise that you need to see value-for-money.

We are acutely aware of this, so we have developed an online system where the interventions and their impact are tracked and are accessible at any time. When you first refer to our service, you are given login details to the 'Client Space' of our website, as well as login details to our online Progress Tracker.

All of the information is held securely and anonymised according to our safeguarding procedures. (Click here for more information.)

Examples of the tracking can be seen below:


Here, we keep you updated with updates to our service and any upcoming events that may be of interest (e.g. free training opportunities).

Significant Information

Significant Information

Here, any information that is of particular importance, either positive or negative, is recorded and earmarked for this table so that you have a quick and informative way of tracking important information that may arise from sessions. (e.g. Absence; concerns; particularly good session)

* N.B. Any C.P. issues that may arise will be noted here as occurring, but details will be passed on to the designate D.S.P. according to institution's C.P. procedures.

Support Details

This will outline the timetable for support and details of the venue, tutor, etc.

Session Details

All of our lessons are recorded with detailed feedback for each session. Confidence is recorded and any progress and/or concerns noted.

Student Profile Report

Our student profile gets a picture of the like/dislikes, and general academic ability of each student. Also, we get a more holistic picture of each student to better understand and support a well-rounded approach to learning. Short, medium and long term goals are also sought to help focus support and to set relevant and achievable targets.

Student Targets Report

We set targets according to the needs of the referrer and the profile and needs of the student. Tutors and mentors will then use this information to inform their support and to track progress.

Student Review Report

We will provide a report for upcoming reviews (e.g. P.E.P.s/T.A.C.s), which will outline academic progress, as well as social, physical and creativity activity to give a holistic view of progress. Pupil voice is sought and recorded, and next steps suggested.