How do we safeguard your students?

Safeguarding underpins all that we do.

Everything that we do is started with the question: "Is this safe for the students? the staff? the school? the family?"

Our dedication to making things as safe as possible is unequivocal. The safety of everyone involved remains the top priority, and we always endeavour to make sure that our procedures and practice is professional, current and safe.

Our Tutors and Mentors

All of our tutors and mentors are of the highest standard, with training and communication a priority. This includes:

  • All tutors and mentors have a current Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • Personal interview followed by checking with two professional references
  • All tutors are experienced teachers with Q.T.S.
  • All tutors and mentors attend mandatory safeguarding training
  • Sessions are recorded and shared
  • Regular Tutor/Mentor updates to ensure concerns and information is shared and discussed


Communication of progress and in case of need occur often. To make our processes as safe as possible we:

  • store all sensitive information digitally via password and separately to this with which we communicate progress
  • do not carry details of clients/students on memory sticks/paper documents unless thoroughly anonymised
  • ensure that all of our tutors are informed of necessary details of student with whom they work through clear risk assessments and discussion prior to support
  • understand our thorough CP policies and the channels to go through to express any concerns