Individual Tuition Plan

Our Student Tuition Plan is used to demonstrate what we have found from our initial assessment(s), and how we will address any specific concerns. It will also show what interventions we propose to undertake for the student, and what levels we hope to achieve. In addition, we show what targets have been set, both academic and otherwise, with the planned review dates for all.

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mid-programme review new


Throughout the programme of support, we report on progress, and give an update on the strengths and areas for development. We will also indicate how well targets are being achieved, and next steps for the subsequent sessions.


The final report will give the results of all assessments, as well as feedback from each of the lessons. Results will be analysed and discussed at the final meeting. The report will contain the following:

  • Subject reports: Reviewing assessment results in each area of study.
  • Confidence scales: Confidence scales are presented for each subject.
  • Lesson feedback: Each lesson is commented upon and they are presented in table form.
  • P.A.S.S. Assessment: A summary of progress in each strand, represented on a graph. Also included are recommendations for future support.
final report - writing