Online Tuition

Our online tuition allows for more flexible learning opportunities from your own home. While also economical, the online environment provides many students with a more familiar and comfortable environment in which to learn. In addition, it allows quality support without the need to drive anywhere or have someone in your own home. (Particularly suited for those in more remote locations.) 1:1 online sessions available - please ask.

Who is this support for?

This support is for students who would like some support to help in set topics or areas, or in preparation for assessments. (Particularly good for revision!)

For what level is this support?

Students from K.S.2, K.S.3 AND G.C.S.E.

What subjects is this support for?

English, Maths and Science.

When/where does the support take place?

Online at various times according to timetable.

Current Online Tuition Timetable

We have now completed our trial of home online sessions. However, we will be starting again in January, 2015. As always, we are led by what you are looking for, so if you are interested, please complete the form below and we will keep you informed with what sessions will be in place.

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