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Below is the online group timetable

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Below are some links and steps that can be taken when setting up students on their computers/laptops.

The platform’s support address is: www.support.e-lecta.com

Once a student has a login and password, they can access using the following link: https://savvyeducation.school-network.net/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2F

There are a number of articles that can help with the technical aspects of the online platform, which can be found here: http://support.e-lecta.com/

The most used when setting up systems are as follows:


Are you in a school?

One of the schools in Cornwall who use the platform used the following steps to access and offered to share the information:

These are the steps we had to follow to get the e-lecta software running for students, feel free to share them with any other schools who are struggling:

  • Install e-lecta 8 as an admin user
  • Add a firewall rule allowing traffic on ports 443, 3301, and 9910 from our network to the savvy server hosted by e-lecta as suggested in their support documentation. These are the details of the server I got from their support: Savvy Education have their sessions hosted on a UK-based server with IP address and host name el09.e-lecta.com. The address should be the same for other schools, but it may be good for them to double check with e-lecta
  • Allow the above IP address for students in our web filter

Also, we have had communication with Electa technicians who also offered the following fix:

Some schools apply restrictions on student computers to set up applications. In this case the admin user has to do the initial application installation for all students before they can attend.

The system admin can download the necessary setup file from our website www.support.e-lecta.com?topic=plugindownload (the Admin version) and run it from the student computer giving one-time admin access for the setup only.

Then they should be able to use the classroom just as any other users can do.

Regarding hdd writing: Yes, it does do some writing on the computer disk to store temporary information like slides, logs etc… It tries to a “writable” temporary folder which normally every user has.

Setting up as above should handle that as well.

Hopefully, this helps when you are setting up for students. However, if you have any difficulty, please feel free to get in touch.

Downloading Platform Software

Enjoy your online learning!