Welcome to Savvy Education. We are a tuition service based in Cornwall aimed at helping students in improving their confidence and attainment in their school work. Our goal is to provide effective and affordable support so that young people gain the confidence and skills to achieve to their full potential, allowing them to lead productive and well-rounded lives.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about teaching, and believe that every child has the potential to succeed. We believe that some children may have some barriers to overcome, and we hope to help them do so by learning about the individual and their goals, assessing where they are, and helping them to achieve. Also, we endeavour to help each and every student find their own personal path to success, so that they can continue to achieve once tuition has ended, both in their school and beyond. We also believe that tuition should not simply 'fill the gaps', but should also provide a window to better approaches to learning, so that they know better how to access the curriculum and succeed. Through our initial assessment, we will establish how much support is needed and in what areas, and then devise a targets and a personalised plan to establish the goals and methods in which to achieve them.

Our Tutors

All of our tutors and mentors are of the highest standard, with training and communication a priority. This includes:

  • All tutors and mentors have a current Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • Personal interview followed by checking with two professional references
  • All tutors are experienced teachers with Q.T.S.
  • All tutors and mentors attend mandatory safeguarding training
  • Sessions are recorded and shared
  • Regular Tutor/Mentor updates to ensure concerns and information is shared and discussed

Work with us

We are aim to provide the highest quality tuition in Cornwall. Therefore, we have the highest standards for our staff and tutors. As a busy service provider, we often get referrals that are surplus to our current available support. In these cases, we require the input and time of independent tutors and/or mentors. This rewarding work allows independence and flexibility, while offering satisfying and challenging work with young people.

Interested? Tutors must hold Q.T.S. (Qualified Teaching Status), and tutors and mentors will need to have/acquire a current enhanced D.B.S. (previously C.R.B.) certificate. In addition, we will need two professional references who can be contacted before any work can be referred through us. We feel this is thorough, but necessary, to ensure excellent and safe provision. If you agree with this, and feel that you would like to be part of the 'Savvy Team', then please complete the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We are always trying to improve and adapt our practice, so that we can offer the very best support. In order to do so, we ask for feedback from our clients on our service. Here are some of our most recent comments:

"So pleased that we decided to pursue one to one tuition and that we chose Savvy Education. My son's confidence and ability has increased as a direct result of this tuition. Would highly recommend, and have done already, to anyone looking for tuition."



"So impressed with all aspects of Savvy. Initial response was quick and reassuring and the tutor is extremely personable whilst maintaining a professional approach. Was initially thinking of a short course of 6 lessons to boost my daughters skills and confidence but am so pleased with the improvements made, I have decided to continue. Many thanks"



"Savvy Education has been a very helpful support to our daughter who has been finding maths tricky. She looks forward to her session every week and we have seen her confidence and understanding increase. She tells us that she 'loves' maths!"